Wednesday, April 27, 2011

2010 News Roundup

OK, so I'm a bit late (like 4 months late). These are articles I found near the end of 2010 or the beginning of 2011 on

Vaporware 2010: The Great White Duke

Like a broken record, Duke Nukem once again makes the 2010 Vaporware awards. The big news? It's not #1. That spot is taken by the white iPhone.

Wired's top 10 space/science stories of 2010

Some very cool stories this year: water on Mars, giant iceburg collisions, Hubble is 20 years old, and giant spiders from the Middle East. Wow, what a year. The spiders can creep you out but they are totally cool.

Wired's top science images of 2010

To go along with the top science images, here are the top science images. I'm a sucker for cool pics and this one doesn't dissapoint. From crazy fractal patterns and smoke to worms and cute ZooBorns.

Cars we lost in 2010

Will you miss these cars that were discontinued in 2010? Will you even notice? I have driven several of the models (PT Cruiser, Grand Marquis, and Kia Borego) and I actually owned a Volvo V70 a few years back.


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