Monday, June 4, 2007

Triathlon Recovery: Day 1 & 2

Day 1 - Sunday June 3
Today went pretty well. Muscle soreness is much less than I expected. Took some ibuprofen before church to make sure I could make it through 3 hours without much misery. The biggest issue so far is the recurring muscle spasm in my shoulder that has been acting up for some time: it got a lot worse starting last night but nothing serious. I am continuing the elevated calorie diet which should return to normal on Tuesday.
Day 2 - Monday, June 4
Feeling much better even though the heat at night kept me awake (no one in Seattle has A/C). Shoulder spasms are almost gone.
I talked to my parents Sunday night and found out some interesting things about my Dad. I knew he was a distance runner back in High School and College but Mom told me some things I didn't know about my Dad:
1. He held the record for the 2 mile run at his High School for several years
2. He won the west coast regional meet in the 3000 and 5000 meters while attending Lassen College in the late '60s (NAIA?)
3. His fastest mile run was 4:05!
4. On his 50th birthday he ran his fastest 10K ever at just over 32 minutes.
5. At his 40th high school reunion they still remembered him as the "fastest man on campus"
Way to go Dad! I used to go with him to his races when I was a kid (10K fun runs and such) but I didn't know he was this serious about running. I guess I should have pursued it a bit more when I was young.

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